Episode #12: Closure an Interview with Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is a trans-racial adoptee, adopted from foster care – born in the South and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She recently reunited with some of her birth relatives, and is still actively searching for another birth sister.  Angela holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a contributing author for Woven Together and Perpetual Child: Adult Adoptee Anthology; Dismantling the Stereotype.   Angela, along with her husband Bryan, filmed and edited “Closure,” a documentary that follows Angela for two years during the search for her birth family.  Several twists and surprising revelations ultimately lead Angela and her family across the country to her place of birth. “Closure” is available for purchase on their website or you may view it at an upcoming screening.

Websites mentioned in this podcast:

Closure the documentary:  http://closuredocumentary.com/

Screening at Swarthmore College on January 26, 2014:  http://www.openarmsadoption.net/events/2014/01/26/families-like-ours-flo/families-like-ours-flo-special-event-screening-of-the-documentary-closure/

Angela’s personal blog:  http://www.Theadoptedlife.com


Episode #11: Writer’s Intensive Workshop with Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter and her family are in the process of adopting four boys; two sets of biological twins.  Cheryl is the co-founder of Joy for the Journey Ministries and a presenter at Joy for the Journey Retreat this November.  Cheryl is also a freelance parenting writer, homeschool leader and the author of nine books, including Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child, Chasing God and the Kids Too and Getting Organized and Staying Organized.

In this episode, Cheryl gives us a sneak peek into her Writer’s Intensive Workshop.  She is also presenting a Power Session:  Lying, Cheating, and Stealing…Oh My! and a workshop Pages from a Lifebook at Joy for the Journey Retreats on November 15 and 16, 2014. 


Episode #10: From Caseworker to Client, An Interview with Raina Carwell

Raina (pronounced:  Renee) Carwell is the homeschooling mother of two beautiful children, Joshua and Layla.  She and her husband John have been married for 14 years.  For the past few years, Raina has had the blessing of helping children find their forever family as an adoption social worker for Bethany Christian Services. Feeling led to do more for the orphans in our world, she and her husband have decided to answer God’s call to adopt.  Raina and her family are now anxiously awaiting two or three blessings they hope to adopt from foster care.

In this episode, Raina shares what it’s like to go from being an adoption caseworker to a pre-adoptive mom.


Episode #9: Orphan Sunday with Roberta Davis, Deputy National Director

Roberta Davis is the Deputy National Director of Orphan Sunday for 2013.  Roberta is follower of Jesus, blessed wife and mother to 7 children (4 biological, 1 adopted, and 2 foster children) ranging in ages 24 years old to 7months old.  Her eyes were opened to the vast needs of the orphan during their adoption journey as they became involved in inner city ministry through their church.  God opened their eyes to the needs of the poor, the destitute and the orphan with this simple act of obedience and by stepping out of their comfort zone into the place God was calling them to go.  In 2012, she became involved with Orphan Sunday.  After serving as a coordinator for one year she was asked to be on the leadership team for Orphan Sunday 2013.  Her role now is to support and encourage a group of 166 coordinators across the U.S.  You can follow Roberta at her blog, livesimply4others.blogspot.com

In this episode, you will learn what is Orphan Sunday and how you can get involved in planning an Orphan Sunday event at you church or in your community.

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Episode #8: How One Becomes Eight, An Interview with Kelly Rumbaugh

Kelly Rumbaugh is a pastor’s wife, mother of ten (two biological and eight special needs kiddos from China), and a grandma to two.  Having survived breast cancer almost three years ago, it is no wonder why she is a sold out for Jesus.  With a deep heart for the plight of the orphan, Kelly founded Ladybugs N Love in 2006 which is a care package and update service for waiting parents adopting from China.  Kelly blogs at www.mommymonmentsandgodwinks.blogspot.com.

In this episode, Kelly shares some creative ways to cover the cost of adoption and lessons about trusting God.


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