Episode #8: How One Becomes Eight, An Interview with Kelly Rumbaugh

Kelly Rumbaugh is a pastor’s wife, mother of ten (two biological and eight special needs kiddos from China), and a grandma to two.  Having survived breast cancer almost three years ago, it is no wonder why she is a sold out for Jesus.  With a deep heart for the plight of the orphan, Kelly founded Ladybugs N Love in 2006 which is a care package and update service for waiting parents adopting from China.  Kelly blogs at www.mommymonmentsandgodwinks.blogspot.com.

In this episode, Kelly shares some creative ways to cover the cost of adoption and lessons about trusting God.


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Episode #5: Interview with Johanna Cannelongo

Grab a cup of coffee and a quiet place as Johnna Cannelongo inspires you to trust God through your adoption journey.  Johanna is a mother of five beautiful blessings.  In this episode she will share how to trust God when you husband doesn’t have the vision for adoption, how they “choose” their daughter and advocating for orphans.  Johanna blogs about family, her faith and homeschooling at http://www.stopforflowers.com/ and advocates for China’s waiting children at http://stopforsnowdrops.blogspot.com/