Episode #12: Closure an Interview with Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker is a trans-racial adoptee, adopted from foster care – born in the South and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She recently reunited with some of her birth relatives, and is still actively searching for another birth sister.  Angela holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a contributing author for Woven Together and Perpetual Child: Adult Adoptee Anthology; Dismantling the Stereotype.   Angela, along with her husband Bryan, filmed and edited “Closure,” a documentary that follows Angela for two years during the search for her birth family.  Several twists and surprising revelations ultimately lead Angela and her family across the country to her place of birth. “Closure” is available for purchase on their website or you may view it at an upcoming screening.

Websites mentioned in this podcast:

Closure the documentary:  http://closuredocumentary.com/

Screening at Swarthmore College on January 26, 2014:  http://www.openarmsadoption.net/events/2014/01/26/families-like-ours-flo/families-like-ours-flo-special-event-screening-of-the-documentary-closure/

Angela’s personal blog:  http://www.Theadoptedlife.com